Our Mission

We empower you to exercise your privacy rights. Elroi helps rethink the power dynamic between customers and corporations. We provide powerful tools for companies so they don’t get fined by the federal trade commission.

Founded in 2020

Elroi was founded in 2020 focused on providing tools for enterprises to meet privacy compliance requirements.

20+ Person Team

We have assembled a team of accomplished and diverse individuals who can build a product fit to tackle the privacy compliance space.

We Are The People's Champion

We want to be the voice for the people and really represent what they need in the privacy arena.

Companies Profit Off of You

Globally, customers' information is worth a whopping $158 billion marketplace value. 

Our World is Based on Technology

The world we live in is based on technology, which means that your personal information is out there.

Let’s Control Your Data!

It’s more important to control your data than to limit it. 

Questions? Talk to Us

We are here around the clock to assist you with your questions